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The Raven Prince AU – A Son of Fair Blood. 

Since he turned into a raven to show Snow the nail she could use to defend herself against his uncle, he had been checking on her. He wanted her to escape and even if he really didn’t trust the Huntsman - at least not yet - he had to admit the man was doing a fine job in keeping his stepsister safe. 

His mother was very angry when she caught him looking into the mirror, and drained his power as punishment. It wasn’t the first time she did this; his mother more than once had used him to backup her powers. He knew he was going to recover, it was painful nonetheless and he hated being isolated in the tower, where his mother doubled the spells to keep him locked. 

Still, he was able to see Snow and the Huntsman, they were safe and that gave him hope. With time he was going to be fine and he was going to keep on helping them, no matter what the Queen said.

Since then, Reyes has tried to do the hero thing. But he has no mentor, no training. Mostly he uses Kord’s beetle armor to fly around town… yet still manages to be late for school.

Young Justice + Legacy & Identity

(Girls to follow)

High fashion …



Danny Haas

These prints a beautiful.

but where are the women?

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trans boys in gryffindor being sent to the girl’s dormitory and then being delighted when the stairs won’t let them up

trans girls in gryffindor being told they can’t go in the girl’s dormitory (and maybe shown what happens by some cis boy) and then trying it and finding that the stairs DO let them up

Gender fluid gryffindor students falling down as the steps to the girl’s dormitory unpredictably turn into a slide.

you’re a good egg




that better be a sigh of admiration for how perfect this is

It was a sigh at the predictability and dullness of men :p



and i especially love the idea of his fakey bruce wayne-y acting he has a watch collection he has a wing of japanese art at the Met named after him and he stumbles around at the gala opening smiling benignly and asking people to explain things and then mispronouncing them and acting all embarrassed and being photographed rollerskating (badly) next to a model in the jogging lane of gotham central park and his cars are brightly coloured and difficult to insure and how he’s at a bar and the news flicks over to a story of a breakout at Arkham and he gets all still and whoever’s at his elbow is like ‘hey bruce - what’s with you?’ and idris!bruce just says ‘i have that same shirt as the news anchor - does mine look that bad?? you’d tell me right?’ (all tags from harrietvane)

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Close your eyes, stop your ears
Close your mouth, they’re never there
And if it happens here, they’ll never come for you
Because they’ll know you really didn’t care


comic book meme

[3/5] favorite teams: Teen Titans

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shut up Sokka


stpressure vs. hurinthalions
prompt: ALONE
Beautiful poem written by superfrown



…so this is a thing i did. clearly the way to get me to invest into fictional dudes is to give them massive fearkinks about mage ladies. which is to say, now i’ll be severely disappointed if i won’t be able to fuck with cullen in-game via magic threats.

(side note: everything here is consensual, but it doesn’t always entirely look like it, so. tread lightly if that bothers you.)

(second side note: my blogs are a fucking mess and all my fanart goes on the main one regardless of fandom, but if you want just the dragon age-related stuff, you can hop over here.)

tralalalala, the first pr0n of spring 

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