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  • inspired by lyrics from houndstar's post. credit goes there.

andthedevilcried asdfg this is gorgeous! And I’m glad someone else appreciated how perfect those lyrics are for the Geckos. Much love.

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sexualy-wise of the Geckuller relationship I don’t…

hahah luckily where I am the age of consent is 16 so I don’t have to worry about being grossed out by underage shenanigans. However the idea of them teasing her and teasing until she hits 18 is unf hot ;) 

Soo the lyrics of these are excellent depending on the direction your writing is going. I'd suggest: Until it Hurts by Fransisca Hall, Bones by MS MR and Closer by Kings of Leon. They are what I'm currently using to answer your prompt :)

oooooh I’ll be checking these out! Thank you  :3

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Maybe not murder family but like, vampire hunting…

I also like that idea - too much time in the Hannibal fandom led me to think murder family before anything less distressing ;;


Hahaha I’m all for the murder family with Hannibal because, let’s be honest, Will just needs the right push/circumstance to go over the edge and Abigail’s past abuse would make it easy for Hannibal to manipulate her into murdering. Also Will is a lot more pliable when Abigail is in the mix.

Kate on the other hand is much too innocent and sheltered. I see both Richie and Seth, especially, trying to protect and shield her from things they do. Richie might actually view it as a “hey look at how much I love you….I’ll kill for you.” Richies sorta like breakfast-murder-lunch-death-dinner-murder currently.

Seth would be hesitant (not because he hasn’t killed before because we know he will if push comes to shove but he avoids killing unless absolutely necessarily) but he’d be worried how it would be received by her if he were to do it.

I have a lot of feels about the gecko brothers interact with her so differently!

I agree with you wholeheartedly on the Hannibal murder family front.

As to the Geckuller relationship with murder, I think Kate would definitely steer clear of it, but if Seth/Richie killed someone who ‘deserved’ it i.e Carlos, vampires, someone who offered irrevocable violence, then I think Kate would be more forgiving. Any more of Richie’s serial killer mutilation killings would send her packing though. 

Seth trying to protect her from seeing them kill in general though A+ headcanon. Also, I feel like he would try his hardest to keep Kate in the dark regarding Richie’s history of ritualistic violence.  

and the differentiating methods of Kate interaction asdfghj yes. I feel like Richie would be very open about any feelings he developed for her - when you mutilate people, feeling ashamed about having the hots for a seventeen year old isn’t really a big deal?

But I imagine Seth would try his hardest to translate his feelings into protective big brotherness, but as the depth of his feeling progress he feel guiltier about loving her /that way/ and gets more and more aggressively protective until Kate and Richie are all ‘WTF?’ and then a dam breaks and they all fuck happily into the sunset.

does anyone know any good threesome / ot3 songs or playlists? Trying to get into writing some S/K/R and I need a little background music

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have you written a richie/kate/seth fic or richie/kate? if so can u pls link me?

I write a S/K/R ish (more suggestive than actual) drabble here and I intend to write more in depth fic about them when I can. I’ll probably put then on my AO3 account which is here. Have fun!

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Sassy Tim Drake

I love Timmy Todd so much.

You’re a marked man brother
You’re a marked man

I will close my eyes, in three two one
The guilty hide, the guilty run








Celebratory giveaway because of some recent good news!!! uvu ♥♥ I realise all my samples are deancas but I swear I am willing to draw other things LOL;; 

I’ll be picking two winners!
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more seth x richie x kate pleaseeeeeee

I will definitely be dipping my toes into writing that pairing again… I do accept prompts as well ;3

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Tiny Robin Pendants for Fashionable Crimefighters.

Each pendant features a tiny Robin with hand enameled mask in your favorite Robin’s signature color, accented with a matching Czech crystal.


cuuuuute! I would have swapped Jay and Tim’s colours though

So, here goes, sis.

omg that fic was perfect

aw, thank you! It has been aggges since I’ve written anything properly, so I’m happy you liked it :D

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